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This is my second course on The Boosters for Dr. Abanoub, I Found the way he explains his materials is very easy to comprehended and his materials are always rich. I never thought I will need a marketing course cause usually there's people who can do that for you and charge for the service. But the fact is you need to handle marketing for your product or yourself by yourself. You're your own unique product and no one can understand that better than you. By becoming your own marketer it will add value not only to your business, but also to your skills and experience. The course is full of tips and tricks that help me understand some other brands marketing plan and why i was so ken to buy from them.

Amira Hafez

Shopping Psychology Course

الكورس مفيد جدا واستفدت منه جدا في التطبيق شكرا يادكتور وديما بنستفيد منك

Mohamed Zydan

Targeting Hack Course

من اجمل الدورات الي حضرتها ف مجال الاعلانات

Mohamed Adel

فيظع تسلملي يبوب عبال كورس الاضاءه الخارجي حاجه تستحق ♥

Mahmoud Bakr

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Abanoub Azmi

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Digital Marketer in pharmaceutical & Healthcare fields , Eager to learn new skills and help others to grow.

Develop and audit digital strategies throughout platforms data science as regular reporting and analysis, blending of mathematics, business acumen & digital tools all of which help the decision maker in finding out the hidden insights which can be of major use in the formation of a digital decision depending on the business need to achieve the campaign goal

Experiences & Certificates:

Digital Marketing Diploma from Canadian management and training institute Performance and psychologist marketer

Digital Marketing Head in healthcare field

Business Analyst